Visitors to the Autumn City from the world are likely to be struck by both how beautiful and how alien the city is. Mithrendain is built in the middle of a great forest, seeming to spring up from the ground just like the trees throughout the city. In fact, many tall, broad trees are larger than several of the city’s eladrin-built towers, giving the impression that the towers are merely natural growths within the forest. Unlike the Citadel at its heart, the city of Mithrendain has no walls. meaning that entering the city is a matter of walking wherever a gap can be found between the buildings and great trees. Hundreds of streets flow outward from the city center, allowing visitors to enter wherever is convenient upon arrival; similarly, leaving the city is a matter of finding the shortest route to the edge of the buildings. A city filled with citizens that can teleport, even over short distances, has little need for large walls to protect it. The streets, loosely paved with an extremely smooth sandy yellow stone, wind their way through the city in a rather haphazard fashion. The buildings in Mithrendain are not built into city locks, but rather cluster together in groups of three to five towers; the roads flow around them, and no dead-end streets exist in the city. Every street connects with another, or another branch of itself, and the buildings allow those looking in any direction to see for great distances with little obstruction. Though there are many buildings in the city, each cluster of towers does not block line of sight over long stretches.

The city has parks with small patches of grass and streams that feed into placid pools, where eladrins gather outside their homes. Mithrendain is filled with gardens, streams, and small lakes, which gives the impression that the city and the forest surrounding it grew up at the same time.

Mithrendain is ruled by a council of seven respected members of the community. Each of the councilors is considered to be among the best in his or her field, and has earned the admiration of the rest of the city.

Walking through the streets of Mithrendain is like stepping into a timeless realm of alien design. There are no clocks, no sundials, and no other method of keeping time to be found anywhere throughout the Autumn City, and it can be easy for those unaccustomed to this quirk to lose track of the time or even the date.

Unlike most major cities, Mithrendain does not have a merchant district or a bazaar; rather, specialty shops serve customers throughout the city, usually on (the bottom floors of the homes of individual citizens.


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