Signs of Chaos

Town Rat and Country Rat

The adventuring group stops into the town of Albridge to resupply at the White River Mercantile. While perusing the wares, they notice an elf ranger is in the shop with them, but they pay little attention to him.

Suddenly, the owner Rennis comes running up from his storerooms in a panic. A pack of giant rats and rat swarms are devouring the grain supplies, which are meant to be the primary food source for the town in the coming months. The adventuring group proceeds to investigate, and the elf ranger joins them.

After a short battle, the rats are dispatched. The party questions Rennis. They learn that the proprietor saw Madera Lirr of Dardun Orchard place the rats and escape out a window. The elf ranger knows the old half elf matriarch of the orchard and does not feel that this is in character for her. Rennis confesses that although he usually buys most of his apples, grain, and wine supplies from Dardun, that he was able to find cheaper goods from outside of the Harkenwold. He believes that the matron is trying to destroy his stores so that he will be forced to resume buying from her.

(Therin) is suspicious of this rationale, and accompanies the party to the Orchard. Upon arriving at the entrance to the estate, they spot Madera and question her. She seems very nervous and scared. She denies that she placed the rats, but mostly seems to be trying to warn the group away from the area.

Before the party can react, a firebomb is pitched into the nearby grain field. Madera runs into a nearby building, just as a copy of the matriarch attacks the group. After a long, hard fight, the group is able to defeat the doppelganger and put out the fires. Only 26% of the grain is lost, so the Harkenwold will be able to eat in the coming months.

The party is left with the nagging questions: who was the doppelganger working for? and why would someone want to starve out the wold?

Total Campaign exp per character: 3750xp (level 4)
Adventure loot per character: 45gp


Saffenn Saffenn

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