Signs of Chaos

Fey Crossings (Session 1)

In the wake of the events concerning the drow sorcerer Maven, Aramil is anxious to visit the Druid Grove to the northwest of Albridge. he wishes to use the teleportation circle to travel to his home in the Feywild.

Upon reaching the Druid Grove, the group encounters the Arch Druid, Raithenn. She is a spry eighty year old human, who is dressed in robes of brown and green. She leans (one suspects, unnecessarily) upon a heavy gnarled staff.

The druid is quite distressed, as the spirits of the Grove have become corrupted. Any travel using the teleportation runes is impossible until the Circle of cleansed. Raithenn begs them, however, not to kill the Spirit of the Grove – as she is the Protector of the Circle and without her, the runes will hold no power.

As the party nears the circle, they see a pair of bloodthorn vines. The tangled vegetation constantly tries to impale the heroes and attempts to snare and immobilize them. After a struggle, the vines are defeated. But, before the heroes can catch their breaths, a pair of dryad recluses appear next to the Circle Stones. The dryads are able to charm the heroes and force the warriors to take damage that is intended for them. Eventually, however, the party realizes that if they can push the dryads away from their comrades, then the dryads can no longer control them.

As the last dryad is knocked unconscious, the Spring Nymph of the Grove rises up from the ground. Normally a vibrant shade of green, this Nymph has been riddled with purple-black veins and has a purple cloud of corruption trailing in her wake. Luckily for the adventurers, they are able to whittle away at her health until she is knocked unconscious. She never has a chance to sing her psychic songs of domination and sleep.

As the Spring Nymph falls unconscious, Raithenn approaches. With the help of the party, she performs a cleansing ritual which restores the Druid Grove and its inhabitants to their usual demeanor.

Raithenn gives Phiina:

Shared Valor Armor +2
Level 8+ Common
The verses and images inlaid into this armor’s surface are a source of inspiration for the wearer as much as for those who behold the armor.
3,400 gp
Armor: Chain
Enhancement Bonus: AC
Whenever you grant temporary hit points to an ally, you gain temporary hit points equal to half the number you granted to that ally.

Before activating the teleportation sigils to take the party to his home city of Mithrendain, Aramil explains some of his background. He tells them that he is part of the defense of the city, and that any incursion of the Drow into Nerath is something that his fellow eladrin in the Feywild will want to know about.

Upon completing the sigil sequence, Aramil prepares to go through the portal, but Bodin rushes forward ahead of him. At first, the eladrin guards on the other side reach for their weapons, until they see Aramil come through. They greet him and carry his message that he wishes to speak to someone in the Council.

After several hours of waiting, night begins to fall and there is every indication that the party has been forgotten. Aramil informs that guards that they will be staying at the Waystop in the Old Battery.

Upon arriving at the inn, the rest of the party are somewhat surprised to find that the proprietor is a Drow named Kagan. After some playful banter, and an offer of companionship for the evening (which is eventually rejected – as Bodin is unsure if the eladrin in question is male or female).

The next morning, as the group is readying themselves to spend a day exploring the city, they receive an urgent summons to meet Lord Marshal Amon Bassiri.

Upon being admitted to a private meeting with the Lord Marshal (who is also a member of the Council), he explains that he received a message from Lady Gwenn Oakleaf concerning Aramil’s journey. Since the Fey Lady is Patron of the Autumn City, and Liege of the Autumn Court, he hastened to receive the heroes.

Bassiri tells the party what even most eladrin in the city do not know: that the city was built over a Crossing to the Feydark – where the Fomorians and Drow dwell. Seven seals were set to protect the Crossing from ever being breached again – each Council Member being entrusted with the care of a seal. Recently, however – around the same time that the drow rituals began in Nerath, one of the seals was discovered to be missing.

Bassiri charges the party to Seek out and Protect the Seals of the Citadel Arcanum. He dubs the group Seekers of Light. He asks that they send back information regarding any nature corruption and their attempts to cleanse it – especially in regard to portals.

Lady Gwenn Oakleaf’s dryad companion Draoi can be summoned to relay these messages, by saying her name three times.

Lord Marshal Bassiri then sends the Seekers of Light to check of the status of the portal at Kiris Dahn.

However, as the heroes arrive back in the Druid Grove, Arch Druid Raithenn rushes toward them and tells them that the young halfling Punkin Rockhucker is missing – and she was last seen in the vicinity of Toadwallow.


Saffenn Saffenn

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