Signs of Chaos

Den of Dreus

Having turned Kiris Alkirk over to the authorities in Winterhaven, the party uses its down time to shop for provisions and to relax in the local tavern, Wrafton’s Inn. While in town, Aramil inquires at the message post, hoping to receive more information regarding an overheard plot against the Citadel of Mithrendain.

Once back at Treona’s tower, she informs the party that she has not been able to discover a cure for Kiris Hoyt’s wereratism. She has, however, learned more about the human who hired the Severed Eyes orc clan to track down the Slaying Stone. The woman in question is none other than her twin sister, Dreus Matrand.

Treona did not know of her sister’s existence until she went to the academy of Pollardus to study the magical arts. Once reunited, the two become very close and developed a kind of empathetic bond. However, as they advanced in their studies, Dreus became fascinated (and eventually obsessed) by relics of the lost Tiefling Empire, Bael Turath. While Treona advanced in ritualistic magic, Dreus delved ever deeper into necromancy.

Having discovered rare and powerful tomes concerning the lost artifacts of the Tieflings, Dreus fled the academy. Their empathetic bond now severed beyond repair, Treona lost contact with her sister and had assumed that her dangerous studies had led to her death during the intervening thirty years.

But once the adventurers told Treona what they had encountered in Kiris Dahn, she was able to send inquiries to her academic contacts. Treona has now learned of the general location of her sister, and has asked the adventurers to put an end to Dreus’s research.

Traveling across the valley, in search of the necromancer, the party encounters a local farmer along the road. Clearly awed by the strange group in front of him, the farmer nervously tells the party that he has just delivered a shipment of lumber from the nearby settlement of Timbervale – so that the farmers in the area can board up their farmsteads. They have been losing livestock and have seen undead in the area and are fleeing.

Continuing into the foothills, Toradin is able to track down a hidden entrance in the side of a small hillock.

Upon entering the structure, the company encounters a summoning circle – inhabited by imps and spirits bound to the suits of armor nearby. Ignoring the imps’ offer of assistance to get through the trapped door, the party tries to open the warded stone door that leads deeper into the hideout. But, the traps prove to be too advanced for the group. As a wall of flame engulfs Aramil, the summoning circle fades and sets the imps and spirits (who rush into their armor suits) free.

Encounter 1: Devils at the Doorway
Total Exp received: 414xp
Treasure Found: (Toradin)

Bloodcut Armor +1
Level 4+ Uncommon
This armor has a crimson tinge that flares blood red when its power is activated.
Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Armor: Leather
Enhancement Bonus: +1 AC
Power Healing Surge (Minor Action)
While you are bloodied, use this armor to gain resist 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn.

After defeating the devils, the party is eventually able to break down the door. Once past it, they encounter a series of elementals. A pool of elemental energy in the middle of the room periodically sucks two differing elementals into it – and combines them into strange amalgams.

Encounter 2: Elemental Fusion
Total Exp received: 528xp

Although the party is able to defeat the elementals, Dreus has been alerted to their presence and is waiting for them when they enter her workshop. She has summoned skeletons and a stonefist defender, who attack the heroes as soon as they open the door.

Encounter 3: Dreus’s Workshop
Total Exp received: 825xp
Treasure Found: 136gp

Confined to a small corridor, the combatants trade blows until finally the necromancer and her servants are defeated. As she dies, Dreus calls down a curse upon House Matrand.

Upon investigating the workshop, the party finds some books which may be helpful in the search for a cure for Kiris Hoyt. They also notice engravings of spiders along the wall – which are religious symbols of the Drow Goddess Lolth. Mixed in with Dreus’s research notes are several missives concerning raids on Halfling villages in the Harkenwold.

Session Totals (per character):

Campaign Totals (per character):
2250xp (of 3750xp for level 4)
86gp (excluding gems)


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