Phiina Tealeaf

Halfling Cleric of Pelor


Phiina – the great granddaughter of the well known Hin Lace Tealeaf. Lace was a great cleric of Pelor and held favor with the sun god. She called down demigods with her prayers and had a number of personal encounters with Pelor himself. Phiina was raised among the High Hill Hin tribe on the outskirts of Harkenwold. Chosen by Pelor at a young age, she was blessed with a divine companion Mahlya. Mahlya was to be Phiina’s mentor and begin her clerical training. She also imparted tales of the great servants of Pelor, among these stories Phiina treasured the those of her great grandmother the most.

Upon reaching adulthood Phiina completed her training, and received a final visit from Mahlya. She stood in front of Phiina and placed a hand on her forehead. Instantly Phiina was overcome by the feeling of an intense searing fire which vanished just as quickly. Her dark auburn hair became laced with streaks of shining gold. Stepping away Mahlya said, “Pelor has blessed you with his mark and chosen you to be his ray of light in these dark times. Go now, Little Sun, and prove yourself worthy of his blessing.” Phiina joined the paladin Bodin in his efforts to aid Harkenwold, a townp. whose borders are plagued by ever increasing goblin marauders.

“Adanor LinAre” = “Father Sun Your Sunlight” (Hinnish)

Phiina Tealeaf

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