Kiris Hoyt

The Slaying Stone


Wererat; cousin to Kiris Alkirk


Kiris Hoyt has been hiding in the Temple of Sehanine in Kiris Dahn for the last several years. Living off scraps that he can scavenge from the goblin camps, Hoyt retreats to the temple – in which he can barricade himself during the full moon – lest he rampage as a wererat and be killed by the town’s new residents.

He claims that his cousin’s (Kiris Alkirk) story that Hoyt led a failed coup attempt just prior to the decline of the town is a fabrication. Hoyt says that Alkirk sent him to retrieve some items from a cave – where Hoyt was viciously attacked by a wererat. Whether Alkirk intended to kill his cousin or merely remove him as a threat to his power is unclear. Hoyt believes that the advisor Treona was not involved in the plot.

During the last full moon, Hoyt did not make it back to the temple before his change. He was seen by Triflik and his goblin minions. Triflik, having finally recovered weapons that could hurt the wererat, chose to lead a raid on the temple. Unfortunately for him, the adventurers were present when he made his move to “kill the rat man”.

During the fight, Kiris Hoyt involuntarily transformed to his wererat form and bit Bodin.

Hoyt has asked that, when the adventurers leave the town, that they take him with them. Meanwhile, he continues to hide in the temple.

Kiris Hoyt

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