Signs of Chaos

Slaying Stone - Session 1

Having received a message to meet Aramir – Phiina and Bodin hire Toradin to guide them through the western edges of the Nentir Vale. During the stormy weather, they encounter a pack of wolves near a tower.

Encounter 1: The Hungry Wolves
Total Exp received: 450xp

Once the wolves have been dealt with, the crone in the tower (Treona) invites the adventurers in. She and Kiris Alkirk tell them of the history of Kiris Dahn and the Slaying Stones. Believing that one last Stone exists, they ask the party to bring the Stone back so that she can destroy it (or proof that it was destroyed). She also asks that they retrieve some tomes that she had to leave behind. After giving the group lodging for the night, she gives them 3 ritual scrolls to track the Stone, as well as a map of the town.

The group successfully enters the town by way of the Kobold Slums.

Encounter 2: (Skill Challenge) Entering the Town
Total Exp received: 80xp

While investigating the buildings in the area, the adventurers come into conflict with a small group of kobolds.

Encounter 4: Kobold Guttersnipes
Total Exp received: 450xp
Treasure Found: 40gp

Session Totals (per character):


Saffenn Saffenn

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