Signs of Chaos

Fey Crossings (Session 1)

In the wake of the events concerning the drow sorcerer Maven, Aramil is anxious to visit the Druid Grove to the northwest of Albridge. he wishes to use the teleportation circle to travel to his home in the Feywild.

Upon reaching the Druid Grove, the group encounters the Arch Druid, Raithenn. She is a spry eighty year old human, who is dressed in robes of brown and green. She leans (one suspects, unnecessarily) upon a heavy gnarled staff.

The druid is quite distressed, as the spirits of the Grove have become corrupted. Any travel using the teleportation runes is impossible until the Circle of cleansed. Raithenn begs them, however, not to kill the Spirit of the Grove – as she is the Protector of the Circle and without her, the runes will hold no power.

As the party nears the circle, they see a pair of bloodthorn vines. The tangled vegetation constantly tries to impale the heroes and attempts to snare and immobilize them. After a struggle, the vines are defeated. But, before the heroes can catch their breaths, a pair of dryad recluses appear next to the Circle Stones. The dryads are able to charm the heroes and force the warriors to take damage that is intended for them. Eventually, however, the party realizes that if they can push the dryads away from their comrades, then the dryads can no longer control them.

As the last dryad is knocked unconscious, the Spring Nymph of the Grove rises up from the ground. Normally a vibrant shade of green, this Nymph has been riddled with purple-black veins and has a purple cloud of corruption trailing in her wake. Luckily for the adventurers, they are able to whittle away at her health until she is knocked unconscious. She never has a chance to sing her psychic songs of domination and sleep.

As the Spring Nymph falls unconscious, Raithenn approaches. With the help of the party, she performs a cleansing ritual which restores the Druid Grove and its inhabitants to their usual demeanor.

Raithenn gives Phiina:

Shared Valor Armor +2
Level 8+ Common
The verses and images inlaid into this armor’s surface are a source of inspiration for the wearer as much as for those who behold the armor.
3,400 gp
Armor: Chain
Enhancement Bonus: AC
Whenever you grant temporary hit points to an ally, you gain temporary hit points equal to half the number you granted to that ally.

Before activating the teleportation sigils to take the party to his home city of Mithrendain, Aramil explains some of his background. He tells them that he is part of the defense of the city, and that any incursion of the Drow into Nerath is something that his fellow eladrin in the Feywild will want to know about.

Upon completing the sigil sequence, Aramil prepares to go through the portal, but Bodin rushes forward ahead of him. At first, the eladrin guards on the other side reach for their weapons, until they see Aramil come through. They greet him and carry his message that he wishes to speak to someone in the Council.

After several hours of waiting, night begins to fall and there is every indication that the party has been forgotten. Aramil informs that guards that they will be staying at the Waystop in the Old Battery.

Upon arriving at the inn, the rest of the party are somewhat surprised to find that the proprietor is a Drow named Kagan. After some playful banter, and an offer of companionship for the evening (which is eventually rejected – as Bodin is unsure if the eladrin in question is male or female).

The next morning, as the group is readying themselves to spend a day exploring the city, they receive an urgent summons to meet Lord Marshal Amon Bassiri.

Upon being admitted to a private meeting with the Lord Marshal (who is also a member of the Council), he explains that he received a message from Lady Gwenn Oakleaf concerning Aramil’s journey. Since the Fey Lady is Patron of the Autumn City, and Liege of the Autumn Court, he hastened to receive the heroes.

Bassiri tells the party what even most eladrin in the city do not know: that the city was built over a Crossing to the Feydark – where the Fomorians and Drow dwell. Seven seals were set to protect the Crossing from ever being breached again – each Council Member being entrusted with the care of a seal. Recently, however – around the same time that the drow rituals began in Nerath, one of the seals was discovered to be missing.

Bassiri charges the party to Seek out and Protect the Seals of the Citadel Arcanum. He dubs the group Seekers of Light. He asks that they send back information regarding any nature corruption and their attempts to cleanse it – especially in regard to portals.

Lady Gwenn Oakleaf’s dryad companion Draoi can be summoned to relay these messages, by saying her name three times.

Lord Marshal Bassiri then sends the Seekers of Light to check of the status of the portal at Kiris Dahn.

However, as the heroes arrive back in the Druid Grove, Arch Druid Raithenn rushes toward them and tells them that the young halfling Punkin Rockhucker is missing – and she was last seen in the vicinity of Toadwallow.

Town Rat and Country Rat

The adventuring group stops into the town of Albridge to resupply at the White River Mercantile. While perusing the wares, they notice an elf ranger is in the shop with them, but they pay little attention to him.

Suddenly, the owner Rennis comes running up from his storerooms in a panic. A pack of giant rats and rat swarms are devouring the grain supplies, which are meant to be the primary food source for the town in the coming months. The adventuring group proceeds to investigate, and the elf ranger joins them.

After a short battle, the rats are dispatched. The party questions Rennis. They learn that the proprietor saw Madera Lirr of Dardun Orchard place the rats and escape out a window. The elf ranger knows the old half elf matriarch of the orchard and does not feel that this is in character for her. Rennis confesses that although he usually buys most of his apples, grain, and wine supplies from Dardun, that he was able to find cheaper goods from outside of the Harkenwold. He believes that the matron is trying to destroy his stores so that he will be forced to resume buying from her.

(Therin) is suspicious of this rationale, and accompanies the party to the Orchard. Upon arriving at the entrance to the estate, they spot Madera and question her. She seems very nervous and scared. She denies that she placed the rats, but mostly seems to be trying to warn the group away from the area.

Before the party can react, a firebomb is pitched into the nearby grain field. Madera runs into a nearby building, just as a copy of the matriarch attacks the group. After a long, hard fight, the group is able to defeat the doppelganger and put out the fires. Only 26% of the grain is lost, so the Harkenwold will be able to eat in the coming months.

The party is left with the nagging questions: who was the doppelganger working for? and why would someone want to starve out the wold?

Total Campaign exp per character: 3750xp (level 4)
Adventure loot per character: 45gp

Prey for Smiley Bob

After finding evidence of raids on halfling villages in the Harkenwold, the group sends missives to the area to inquire as to their safety. But, fearing that the replies may come too late, Phiina urges to group to travel down to King’s Road to her native land in the southeast.

Where the White River crosses the King’s Road, stands the village of Albridge. Here, the adventurers stop to recover from their long ride and to await more information. Although unable to meet with them himself, the village elder Gerrad sends word that there is some sort of undefined crisis in the nearby homestead of Riverslye.

The adventurers travel two miles to the west of Albridge and arrive in the Riverslye Homestead – a halfling settlement of approximately 33 individuals. Here, they meet two young halflings who are not quite of age. Perrin, a grungy male, has aspirations of being a ranger. To that end, he has befriended the local wildlife and taught himself to track. His cousin, Tryn, is a female halfling who has dreamed of becoming an adventurer like the local legend Reed Tinderfoot. She has spent many hours practicing her stealth and thievery by filching items from the farm workers. She wears an eye patch and has three scars peeking out from underneath it.

During the course of their conversation, the adventurers learn that twice in the past week, a bear known as Smiley Bob has attacked the homestead. On each occasion, the bear snatched a halfling and trundled off before it could be confronted. The first victim, a precocious halfling boy named Happy Shoals, was taken three days ago. The second victim, a female halfling named Punkin Rockhucker, was taken yesterday.

Five years ago, a halfling adventurer named Reed Tinderfoot ran afoul of the bear and dealt it a grievous wound. Since that encounter, the bear has avoided all contact with halflings up until the recent attacks. Prior to the abductions, the Riverslye halflings had no issues with their ursine neighbor.

The halflings call the bear Smiley Bob because of its scar, which stretches from one corner of the bear’s mouth to its left ear. From a certain point of view, the grievous wound looks like a ghastly smile.

Smiley Bob lives in an abandoned windmill two miles southwest of the homestead. The old windmill sits atop a grassy hill. Perrin is worried about Bob, as these attacks are not in his nature. Tryn and Perrin insist that they join the adventurers, since their family will not let them go to investigate on their own.

As they near the windmill, the party is able to sneak up on a group of goblins.

Encounter 2: Old Windmill
Total Exp received: 228xp

After quickly dispatching the goblins, the group stealthily approaches the windmill’s interior. Here they find a battered, sleeping Smiley Bob and more goblins.

Encounter 3: Poke the Bear
Total Exp received: 800xp

During this fight, one goblin tries, and fails to awaken the bear. Once his allies are defeated, the goblin abandons this tactic and runs behind the mill stone – trying, unsuccessfully, to pick off the heroes from a distance. Once the goblins are defeated, Perrin is able to conversewith Smiley Bob.

Bob tells them that the goblins have been torturing him and making him attack the halflings. Bob has no ill will toward the homestead and just wants things to return to the way they were. After Perrin and Phiina see to the wounds of the bear, he enters a deep restorative sleep – curled up with his teddy bear.

The party then investigates the mill’s detritus and discovers the mangled body of Happy Shoals. His body has been partially turned into a yellowish goo and he has been dead for several days. When the party questions the surviving captive goblin, he informs them (but only after much intimidation is used against him) that the goblins have been dressing up as halflings to train to bear to chase them. Although the goblins thought that this was great fun, it was not their idea. A mysterious dark elf, whom he refers to as Master, has instructed them to bring the halflings to him. The goblin is unsure of the Master’s current whereabouts, but he believes he is nearby – with the captive halfling Punkin.

Aramil knows of the drow, and is able to tell the party that the drow are a cursed people, a deviant and evil race firmly in Lolth’s grip. Exiled from the Feywild for rising up against their eladrin kin, the drow nurse ancient grudges. They wallow in lies and cruelty, plotting vengeance against their ancestral enemies.

Closer inspection of the yellow goo reveals that is it similar to that of yochlols. These creatures are among the most favored of Lolth’s servants, and the Spider Queen sends her handmaidens to attend priests that have gained her favor.

Disgusted by the entire situation, the party leaves the bound goblin for Smiley Bob to deal with when he awakes.

After some tracking, Perrin is able to locate the drow near some waystones.

Encounter 3: Maven’s Ascent
Total Exp gained: 950xp
Treasure found: 200gp

Vigilant Blade
Set with the symbol of an upright gauntlet with an unblinking eye in its palm, this blade bursts into burning white light in the hands of one sworn to bring justice to the wicked.
Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Weapon: Heavy blade or light blade
Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 fire and radiant damage
Paladins and avengers can use this weapon as an implement for paladin or avenger powers and paladin or avenger paragon path powers.
Power (Minor Action)
The weapon casts bright light out to 4 squares until you end this effect as a minor action.
Power Encounter (Immediate Reaction)
Trigger: You use this power when an ally adjacent to you is attacked by an enemy adjacent to you.
Effect: You switch places with the ally, and the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

The party encounters several drow cutthroats along a shrouded pathway. The drow a chanting in a sibilant, parsaltongue manner and, while seemingly in a trance-state – they also appear to be completely alert and ready for battle. The heroes are able to defeat the first two drow, but even after they are dead, the drow continue to chant. Phiina, concerned for Punkin’s safety, and wishing to slow or put a stop to this foul ritual, is able to cast turn undead on the corpses. The drow immediately stop chanting, but a yellow goo – identical to the yochtel-like goo – oozes from their mouths.

As the party comes closer to the source of the foul ritual – they see Punkin suspended in a pool of goo, with a hooded drow spellspinner presiding over the transformation. One of the drow cutthroats shouts a warning to “Maven” – but he does not pause or stop the ritual.

After the party is able to dispatch the two remaining cutthroats, Maven decides to take direct action. Although he does not stop chanting, he levitates twenty feet into the air and rains down lighting and necrotic spells on the entire party. Having some trouble reaching their foe, Tryn uses her acrobatic prowess to tumble into the goo, and pull Punkin to safety. The ritual abruptly stops. Phiina is able to heal the halfling somewhat, and Bodin is able to untie her. However, despite her moniker, Punkin proves too weak to successfully hit Maven with rocks.

Eventually, the party is able to damage Maven enough that he falls to the ground, where the combined melee prowess of Bodin and Toradin proves too much for him to withstand.

The party escorts Punkin back to Riverslye Homestead, but not before Tryn and Perrin set off for further adventures of their own.

Session Totals (per character):

Campaign Totals (per character):
2932xp (of 3750xp for level 4)
136gp (excluding gems)

Den of Dreus

Having turned Kiris Alkirk over to the authorities in Winterhaven, the party uses its down time to shop for provisions and to relax in the local tavern, Wrafton’s Inn. While in town, Aramil inquires at the message post, hoping to receive more information regarding an overheard plot against the Citadel of Mithrendain.

Once back at Treona’s tower, she informs the party that she has not been able to discover a cure for Kiris Hoyt’s wereratism. She has, however, learned more about the human who hired the Severed Eyes orc clan to track down the Slaying Stone. The woman in question is none other than her twin sister, Dreus Matrand.

Treona did not know of her sister’s existence until she went to the academy of Pollardus to study the magical arts. Once reunited, the two become very close and developed a kind of empathetic bond. However, as they advanced in their studies, Dreus became fascinated (and eventually obsessed) by relics of the lost Tiefling Empire, Bael Turath. While Treona advanced in ritualistic magic, Dreus delved ever deeper into necromancy.

Having discovered rare and powerful tomes concerning the lost artifacts of the Tieflings, Dreus fled the academy. Their empathetic bond now severed beyond repair, Treona lost contact with her sister and had assumed that her dangerous studies had led to her death during the intervening thirty years.

But once the adventurers told Treona what they had encountered in Kiris Dahn, she was able to send inquiries to her academic contacts. Treona has now learned of the general location of her sister, and has asked the adventurers to put an end to Dreus’s research.

Traveling across the valley, in search of the necromancer, the party encounters a local farmer along the road. Clearly awed by the strange group in front of him, the farmer nervously tells the party that he has just delivered a shipment of lumber from the nearby settlement of Timbervale – so that the farmers in the area can board up their farmsteads. They have been losing livestock and have seen undead in the area and are fleeing.

Continuing into the foothills, Toradin is able to track down a hidden entrance in the side of a small hillock.

Upon entering the structure, the company encounters a summoning circle – inhabited by imps and spirits bound to the suits of armor nearby. Ignoring the imps’ offer of assistance to get through the trapped door, the party tries to open the warded stone door that leads deeper into the hideout. But, the traps prove to be too advanced for the group. As a wall of flame engulfs Aramil, the summoning circle fades and sets the imps and spirits (who rush into their armor suits) free.

Encounter 1: Devils at the Doorway
Total Exp received: 414xp
Treasure Found: (Toradin)

Bloodcut Armor +1
Level 4+ Uncommon
This armor has a crimson tinge that flares blood red when its power is activated.
Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Armor: Leather
Enhancement Bonus: +1 AC
Power Healing Surge (Minor Action)
While you are bloodied, use this armor to gain resist 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn.

After defeating the devils, the party is eventually able to break down the door. Once past it, they encounter a series of elementals. A pool of elemental energy in the middle of the room periodically sucks two differing elementals into it – and combines them into strange amalgams.

Encounter 2: Elemental Fusion
Total Exp received: 528xp

Although the party is able to defeat the elementals, Dreus has been alerted to their presence and is waiting for them when they enter her workshop. She has summoned skeletons and a stonefist defender, who attack the heroes as soon as they open the door.

Encounter 3: Dreus’s Workshop
Total Exp received: 825xp
Treasure Found: 136gp

Confined to a small corridor, the combatants trade blows until finally the necromancer and her servants are defeated. As she dies, Dreus calls down a curse upon House Matrand.

Upon investigating the workshop, the party finds some books which may be helpful in the search for a cure for Kiris Hoyt. They also notice engravings of spiders along the wall – which are religious symbols of the Drow Goddess Lolth. Mixed in with Dreus’s research notes are several missives concerning raids on Halfling villages in the Harkenwold.

Session Totals (per character):

Campaign Totals (per character):
2250xp (of 3750xp for level 4)
86gp (excluding gems)

Slaying Stone - Session 3

With Bodin now fully recovered from his Wererat Filth Fever, the adventurers continue their search for the lost Slaying Stone of Kiris Dahn. While searching through the ruins of the once majestic stables, they come upon a group of goblins and their wolves.

Encounter 8: Goblin Wolf Brigade
Total Exp received: 400xp
Treasure Found: 2 Potions of Healing

Potion of Healing
Level 5 Common
This simple potion draws on the body’s natural healing ability to cure your wounds.
Consumable: Potion 50 gp
Power (Healing) Consumable (Minor Action)
Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points.

After the battle is over, the adventurers find themselves in a partially collapsed building. Here, there is a teleportation circle and a very angry orc: Krayd the Butcher. The party learns, through the threats of the orc, that the Severed Eyes Orc clan was hired by someone named Dreus to find the Slaying Stone.

Encounter 9: Krayd the Butcher
Total Experience received: 500xp
Treasure Found: (Toradin)

Battlecrazed Greataxe
Level 4 Uncommon
The weapon seeks blood where it can be found, whether among the enemy or from its wielder.
Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Weapon: Greataxe
Enhancement Bonus: attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage
While you are bloodied, you deal +1d6 damage when you hit with this weapon.
Power Daily (Minor Action)
Deal damage to yourself equal to half your level, ignoring any resistances. You are considered bloodied for all purposes (including beneficial effects, such as Dragonborn Fury and this weapon’s property) until the end of your next turn.

After the battle ends, Aramir is able to decipher the rune sequence for the teleportation circle; the party will now be able to teleport to this location (component free) from any other teleportation circle.

The adventurers then make their way to the hot springs, where they suspect the Stone is located. Upon their arrival, the party is confronted by the brass dragon, Tyristys. During the conversation, the group learns that the dragon has a cadre of kobolds that worship her and keep her apprised of happenings within the town. Like most dragons, she does not have the same commitment to her followers that they have to her, but she finds them useful and so tolerates them. The growing population of goblins have begun to irritate her, but she would much rather sleep and enjoy her treasures than take action.

More recently, she has learned that a group of orcs has begun sweeping through the town, looking for her Slaying Stone. After being questioned, she reveals that she has heard the names Dreus and Treona, often spoken together – but that she does not know the connection between them. She promises the party that she will give them the Stone, if they first bring her the head of the leader of the goblins, who is currently residing in the Mayoral mansion. She hopes that the orcs will then give up their search, and leave her in peace.

Encounter 10: The Stone’s Guardian
Total Exp received: 200xp

Our heroes head to the mansion, where they encounter a hobgoblin leader, a rage drake, and goblin warriors. In spite of his boasting, they are able to defeat Hu-Jat’s squad.

Encounter 12: Hu-jat’s Squad
Total Exp Received: 525xp
Treasure Found: 80gp, amethyst (worth 100gp)

Fulfilling their part of the bargain, the adventurers obtain the Stone and begin to make their way back out of town. Keeping their promise, they bring Kiris Hoyt with them. Along the way, however, they are ambushed by the orc leader Vohx, along with his shaman and bodyguards.

Encounter 13: Severed Eyes Showdown
Total Exp received: 700xp
Treasure Found: 20gp, peridot (worth 100gp), (Phiina)

Symbol of the Sun
Level 4+ Common
Crafted from polished gold, this holy symbol intensifies and reflects light like a mirror.
Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Implement: Holy symbol
Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 radiant damage
When you pull, push, or slide an undead creature with an attack using this implement, you can increase the distance of the forced movement by 1 square.
You gain a +2 item bonus to the damage rolls you make with this implement against undead creatures.

Finally arriving back safely at Treona’s tower, the group encounters Kiris Alkirk – who is extremely ill-pleased to see his cousin. The adventurers are able to over-power the disgraced former mayor, and detain him for the authorities in the nearest town. About this time, Treona appears from an upper room and is overjoyed to see Kiris Hoyt. After an emotional reunion, Treona promises to find a way to cure Hoyt’s lycanthropy.

Having completed the quest to return the Stone and the quest to return her arcane writings, the adventurers are then rewarded with riding horses and are welcome to stay with Treona whenever they are in the area.

Riding Horse

Category: Mount
Price: 75 gp
Normal Load: 237 lb.
Heavy Load: 475 lb.
Max. Drag: 1,187 lb.

Riding Horse
Large natural beast (mount)
Level 1 Brute
XP 100
Initiative + 1
Senses: Perception + 5; low-light vision
HP 36; Bloodied 18
AC 14; Fortitude 15, Reflex 13, Will 10
Speed 10
Kick (standard, at-will)
+ 4 vs AC; 1d6 + 4 damage.
Alignment Unaligned
Str 19 (+ 4) Dex 13 (+ 1) Wis 11 (0)
Con 16 (+ 3) Int 2 (-4) Cha 9 (-1)

Session Totals (per character):
25gp (excluding gems)

Adventure Totals (per character):
1611xp (of 2250xp)
50gp (excluding gems)

Slaying Stone - Session 2

Having defeated the kobolds in the previous encounter, the adventurers set out toward the library district of Kiris Dahn. Along the way, they encounter a kobold scavenger (Speelock), and her iron defender protector. In the midst of the fight, the kobold throws an oil on Toradin – which summons an ankheg to the field.

Encounter 6: Unearthed Pets
Total Exp received: 575xp
Treasure Found: (Aramir)

Eladrin Armor +1
Level 3 Uncommon
Crafted by master eladrin armorsmiths, the fine links of this chainmail sparkle in even the faintest light.
Lvl 3 680 gp
Armor: Chain
Enhancement Bonus: AC
Add 1 square to the maximum distance of any teleport you make.
This armor has no speed or skill check penalties.

After defeating the creatures, the adventurers continue onward through Kobold Slums towards to library area. Here, they encounter swarms of rats and stirges in another dilapidated building.

Encounter 5: Vermin Infestation
Total exp received: 400xp

Once in the library, the adventurers find the goblin tomeripper, Rort. When the fledgling magic-user sees the party, he begins to summon grey oozes to defend him.

Encounter 7: Monsters and Manuals
Total Exp received: 500xp
Treasure found: 60gp

After the goblin and oozes have been handily dispatched, the adventurers search the remains of the library. They discover that a Brass Dragon has been here before – possibly taking anything of value back to her hoard. Upon searching the bookshelves that Rort had not yet been able to plunder for his spells, the group finds the five tomes that Treona asked them to recover.

As the group continues through the town, toward the Temple District, they are unable to remain hidden. The inhabitants of the town are now on alert for their presence.

Encounter 3: (Ongoing Skill Challenge) Keep Hidden
Total Exp received: 500xp

Once inside the Temple to Sehanine, the adventurers find the ragged man Kiris Hoyt frantically counting the days of the moon’s cycle. The party engages Hoyt in conversation for a time (see Kiris Hoyt’s entry for details), until a band of goblins – led by Triflik, goblin silvershield – break onto the scene screaming “KILL ALL RAT MANS!!!”

Encounter 11: Shrine of the Moon
Total Exp received: 575xp
Treasure found: (Bodin)

Heavy Shield of Silver Light
Level 4 Uncommon
This polished shield gleams with moonlight, even in the middle of the day.
840 gp
Power At-Will (Minor Action)
The shield sheds bright light 5 squares in all directions. You can end this effect as a minor action. You and your allies within the light treat your weapons (including ammunition, thrown weapons, and the like) as silvered.

During the fight, Kiris Hoyt turned into a wererat and bit Bodin – who then contracted Werewolf Filth Fever. Upon waking after an extended rest, Bodin’s disease receded.

Wererat Filth Fever
Those infected by this disease waste away as they alternately suffer chills and hot flashes.
Stage 0: The target recovers from the disease.
Stage 1: While affected by stage 1, the target loses a healing surge.
Stage 2: While affected by stage 2, the target loses a healing surge. The target also takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Stage 3: While affected by stage 3, the target loses all healing surges and cannot regain hit points. The target also takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex.
Check: At the end of each extended rest, the target makes an Endurance check if it is at stage 1 or 2.
8 or lower: The stage of the disease increases by one.
9-12: No Change
13 or higher: The stage of the disease decreases by one.

Session Totals (per character):

Adventure Totals (per character):
885xp (of 1000xp)

Slaying Stone - Session 1

Having received a message to meet Aramir – Phiina and Bodin hire Toradin to guide them through the western edges of the Nentir Vale. During the stormy weather, they encounter a pack of wolves near a tower.

Encounter 1: The Hungry Wolves
Total Exp received: 450xp

Once the wolves have been dealt with, the crone in the tower (Treona) invites the adventurers in. She and Kiris Alkirk tell them of the history of Kiris Dahn and the Slaying Stones. Believing that one last Stone exists, they ask the party to bring the Stone back so that she can destroy it (or proof that it was destroyed). She also asks that they retrieve some tomes that she had to leave behind. After giving the group lodging for the night, she gives them 3 ritual scrolls to track the Stone, as well as a map of the town.

The group successfully enters the town by way of the Kobold Slums.

Encounter 2: (Skill Challenge) Entering the Town
Total Exp received: 80xp

While investigating the buildings in the area, the adventurers come into conflict with a small group of kobolds.

Encounter 4: Kobold Guttersnipes
Total Exp received: 450xp
Treasure Found: 40gp

Session Totals (per character):


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